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Ten years of success


Goldbex operate since 2010 and currently has thousands of customers and partners in more than 130 countries around the world.
Our successful digital gold plans convertible into cryptocurrencies, allow our clients to buy Digital Gold with important discounts just for recommending our plans to other people.
This marketing technique is used by millions of companies around the world, who reward their customers with discounts for recommending their products or services.

"Get up to 75% discount for recommending our Digital Gold plans."



Working in 130 countries


10 years in the Gold Market


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Since 1900 the US dollar has fallen in price by 98% and the Gold has increased in value by almost 54%.
Gold is the most stable and reliable asset, especially in times of crisis and recession.
In 2015 the first gold-backed crypt coins (stablecoins) will appear, making it possible for everyone to accumulate Digital Gold, from very small amounts.

We invite you to watch the following video, so you can understand exactly what Digital Gold is.


Robert Kiyosaki

Financial Guru and Investor

Buy gold, silver and cryptocurrencies. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the financial guru has advocated cryptocurrency as an alternative safe haven of value in the face of the global economic crisis.

Elon Musk

Tesla's Ceo

Cryptocurrencies are the future of money and will evolve into genuine currencies, with a constant value and widespread use as payments. I think it is a style of thinking along with the boldness to make decisions.

Antonio Lara

Life & Financial Coach

Accumulating cryptocurrencies is a smart people's decision. The Covid-19 crisis has shaken the global economy and FIAT money. Since 1971, paper money has lost all value. Only cryptocurrencies can save us from an uncertain future.

Bitcoin and Ethereum


If you have Bitcoins, Ethereum and others cryptocurrencies we offer you a great opportunity to increase your wealth in cryptocurrencies with our system of buying and selling gold.
Goldbex, allows you to access its gold accumulation plans through cryptocurrencies, benefit from our successful system and buy back the digital gold obtained, to send you Bitcoins.
Leverage our system and multiply your wealth in BTC.

"With Goldbex you can grow your BTC wealth through our purchases and sales of Digital Gold".

Our success plans

Join Goldbex today and start earning income by recommending our plans.
We recommend you to start through our Dual System Pack, to accumulate Digital Gold.

Direct Plans



6 Types of Plans
  • From 100€ to 5000€
  • 50% of discount
  • 2 recommendations
  • Digital Gold and Cryptocurrencies
  • Gold repurchase option


Goldbex Club



per month
  • Access Financial App
  • Goldbex TV
  • Sales Funnel
  • Leaders Plan
  • Passive Income


Goldbex Club



Passive income and Financial Education
  • Access to Residual Income
  • Financial Education
  • Mentoring y formation
  • Goldbex TV
  • Goldbex Talks


Our Tools

Goldbex Club

All our clients can become members of Goldbex Club and have access to a host of tools, so that they are informed of all movements in the gold and cryptocurrency markets.

Goldbex Club Members have access to our APP NEWS ,Goldbex TV and a Sales Funnel, to boost the growth of their business, as well as many other advantages.

This service is exclusive to our clients who can join Goldbex Club from their Virtual Office or by contracting the Dual System Pack.

"By joining our Club, you also join a Passive Income generation system"


Antonio Guimaraes


In the practice of my constant and continuous growth, Goldbex appears in my life in 2019. I decided to put the appropriate energy into making every family know, understand, and decide to adopt this Goldbex vehicle as an integral part of every family's education.

Irene Ramírez


When I met Goldbex I quickly knew it was the business I had always been looking for. It's not only accumulating gold and having a system that generates passive income, but we learn all about handling money and changing lives of thousands of people.

David Rubiato


Goldbex is the opportunity for many people to achieve their own compounding system while educating themselves financially. I offer Goldbex as the tool to learn how to manage your relationship with money effectively and efficiently.

Goldbex Official Videos

Here you will find the official videos of the company.
We recommend you that you watch our videos in order to understand how our system works
and how thousands of people in the world are accumulating gold while they are learning financial education at the same time.
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