Goldbex Foundation

Together we can change the world

In Goldbex we strongly believe in contributing to make this world a better world by helping the neediest. We are also have a firm belief in the education as a vehicle to achieve personnel and financial success. For this reason, in 2013 our Company created the Goldbex Foundation in order to collaborate in different solidarity projects related with children’s education. Nowadays well into the XXI Century, millions of children in all over the world do not have access to primary education and others if they have access to traditional education system, hardly are trained on money management.

Wiin Club

Through our Wiin Club project we teach young and all-age people into financial education in order to train them on the correct management of personal finances. Learn how to save, invest and make the money work for us -not the opposite as the most people use to do-, is part of our philosophy, which today has the support of thousands people around the world in more than 100 countries and who are an active part of our financial intelligence system.

Becas Goldbex

In recent years, Goldbex has promoted hundreds of Becas Goldbex (grants), giving to young people under their 25 the opportunity to have their own independent business with which generate profits through internet while in the meantime they are forming themselves with our leadership programs. Because of a small part of the total turnover of the company is donated to “Goldbex Foundation”, openly Goldbex wants to express its gratitude to all its clients and franchisees that with their work and effort are contributing to make our foundation more and more relevant, which in the recent years had collaborated with different foundations, contributing among others, with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation and SOS Foundation.

Goldbex Foundation Day

Since 2015 the 14th December has become the global day of the GOLDBEX FOUNDATION, day in which all our customers and franchisees contribute with their donations.

You can make your contribution through:

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